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We have been blessed to deal with many amazing clients throughout the years. Their dreams and aspirations are the reason that we come into work. If you would like to learn more about the services we provide and to book an appointment to visit our office, please call (403) 220-9808 or email us.

The following are a collection of client testimonials that our clients have been kind enough to share:

My wife and I have known Trevor Polay for the past 7 years as our trusted financial advisor, and our experience with Trevor has been nothing more than outstanding, despite what I would consider to be a modest portfolio at best. He is very hands on, and we are not a client number but real people, and he has our interests at heart. We have never considered switching to some of what seems more lucrative investment vehicles often promoted on television. We are reaching retirement age and his expertise and recommendations to shift course when needed, have had significant results in accelerating our retirement goals. 

I can’t say enough about Trevor and his personal and sincere concern for his clients. Trevor is not just our financial advisor. He is a trustworthy friend.

— PW (December 2020)

We were most pleased with our investment strategy when first meeting Trevor at another Financial Institution. His many years of experience in the financial world certainly shined when it came to financial advice.  We were saddened when Trevor left that institution and went over to Manulife.  After Trevor settled in at Manulife, he followed up with us to discuss the landscape at Manulife as compared to our institution. It did not take us very long to realize the benefit of working with a trusted and informed Financial Advisor like Trevor. Within a few short weeks we transferred all of our investments over to Trevor. That was almost 5 years ago, and we have not regretted it one bit!

— KDOLGO (December 2020)

For the past 20 years, Trevor has provided dedicated/superb service as our Financial Advisor. Our portfolio has been carefully maintained to fund and support our long-term retirement. We strongly recommend Trevor and his superb financial, retirement, and estate planning services.

— LRP (October 2020)

Trevor Polay is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and professional. I completely trust him with all my investments. What I have found that separates him from banks and other financial advisors, is that he truly cares about his clients. His detailed explanations and assurance gives me a feeling of security and trust. This kind of relationship is almost impossible to find.

— JE (September 2020)

Having Trevor as my financial advisor makes me feel as though I am working with family. He always has time to review my accounts, has my best interests at heart and guides me to make informed decisions in response to the ever-changing markets. His experience and professionalism make him a top financial advisor.

— CW (December 2020)

Trevor has maintained my investment and retirement portfolio for over a decade. It's a comfort knowing he and his team are genuinely concerned about my financial wellbeing, retirement plans, and also my risk tolerance. In terms of customer service, it's nice to have someone that is not only responsive but willing to walk myself through complex investment instruments and opportunities.

— GCH (November 2020)